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Fiberglass Insulated Flexible Heating Elements

(Rope Heater)

JenTer flexible fiberglass heaters are available with custom design modifications or add-on features and sensors. JenTer typically builds to order, but we regularly meet expedited customer delivery requests. We also assist customers with demand analysis and determining proper inventory levels to ensure uninterrupted production. Please contact us to discuss your product specifications and requirements today!

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Advantages of Fiberglass Rope Heaters

“Rope” heating elements are ideal for counter-top appliances such as coffee brewers, slow cookers, buffet warmers and many industrial and commercial applications where long life, low cost flexible heating is required.

Flexible fiberglass heating elements (often referred to as “Rope” heaters because of their flexibility and appearance) are fabricated by helically wrapping resistance wire around a core material. This cordage can then be covered with one or multiple walls of braided fiberglass yarn as the insulation. We currently produce rope heaters with resistance values from 0.05 Ohm/Ft up to 11,000 Ohm/Ft. Multiple alloys, gauges and stranding combinations are available. All fiberglass rope heaters are built per UL-499 standard (Electric Heating Appliances) and are recognized per UL file# E218455. Different thicknesses of the insulating sleeving are available to meet different dielectric standards or size constraints if required.

Features & Benefits

  • Economical
  • Low cost solution
  • Product holds shape after a few uses.
  • Heat long surface areas
  • Long field life
  • Low development cost
  • No special tooling
  • Higher wattages available over extruded rope heaters

Temperature Range

Fiberglass: -80°C to 500°C (-112°F to 932°F)


  • SJO/HPN/SJT Power Cords
  • Thermostats
  • Thermo-cutoffs (TCO)
  • External lead termination
  • NPS Direct Terminations
  • Cold Leads

Moisture Resistant Flexible Heating Elements

Heater length, watt density, insulation color, termination and voltage requirements can be controlled to meet your requirements.

If you require moisture resistance in low wattage flexible heaters, Jen-Ter PVC, acrylic or silicone insulated heaters can provide the solutions. The core of these heaters resembles our high-temperature elements, but PVC, acrylic or silicone insulation offers both moisture and heat resistance. The temperature rating of the moisture resistant heaters is much lower than the fiberglass counterpart.

Flexible Heating Element Selection

(Typical values – contact engineering to discuss specific applications)

Insulation Type Length Max. Watts/Foot Max. Temp.
Fiberglass 2″ to 100’+ 144 932°F (500°C)
PVC (moisture resistant) 12″ to 100’+ 2.4 221°F (105°C)
Silicone (moisture resistant) 12″ to 100’+ 8.4 392°F (200°C)
Premium Silicone 12″ to 100’+ 10.8 482°F (250°C)

Get in touch! We’ll provide samples and work with you to meet your requirements!